Print Posted by The Developer Club on 12/23/2016

Social Login

Created By: Luis Alvarado


This enables using the Social Login buttons for different Social Media sites on your Brilliant Directories site. If the member does not yet have the social login associated with their account, the widget will prompt them to associate it with their account.

This widget offers the following:

  • Integrate Facebook Login with your Site
  • Integrate Google Login with your Site
  • Associate Facebook Login with your Members
  • Associate Google Login with your Members
  • Members will be able to Login to their accounts using their associated Social Login accounts
  • 6 Months Support

UPCOMING FEATURES (Based on Feedback from Brilliant Directories Owners. Like you     )

  • Add bitBucket Support
  • Add Dropbox Support
  • Add Flickr Support
  • Add fourSquare Support
  • Add gitHub Support
  • Add Instagram Support
  • Add LinkedIn Support
  • Add Microsoft Support
  • Add OpenID Support
  • Add Pinterest Support
  • Add SoundCloud Support


Version 0.4 (January 3, 2017)

  • Finished adding Google Support
  • Code optimized for other Social Logins

Version 0.3 (December 22, 2016)

  • Finished adding Facebook Support

Version 0.2 (December 12, 2016)

  • API Connection Fixes
  • Better status detection

Version 0.1 (November 15, 2016)

  • Base for all Social Logins completed
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