Print Posted by The Developer Club on 10/21/2016

Flexible Email System

Created By: Luis Alvarado

PRICE: $1,000 USD

An email system that is based on time based emails (eg: Sending emails on particular hours, days or every X amount of days) or event based emails (eg: Member creates their first article, when they update their data, when they accept their first lead and more). This can be extended to even more features with an additional cost. Some of the additional features that are not included in the cost are:

  • Time Based Sending of Emails
  • Date Based Sending of Emails
  • Auto Responders
  • Select Multiple Email Templates based on Membership Level, Sender/User, Specific Member, etc..
  • Event Based Sending of Emails (eg: Member Creates Something or Interacts with a Page)
  • Action Based Sending of Emails (eg: When clicking on Something or Receiving Points)
  • Able to Send to Both Parties (Sender & Receiver)
  • Able to Notify Site Owner (eg: X amount of members are signed in, Stats about Members or Site)
  • Can be adapted to 3rd party CRM platforms like InfusionSoft, Zoho, Salesforce, Odoo, Clickfunnel & HubSpot
  • Send SMS to specific phone numbers (Additional costs apply based on SMS Platform used)
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