Print Posted by The Developer Club on 10/21/2016

Developer Console

Created By: Luis Alvarado


A time saving, easy to manage and develop live editor. It offers features like:

  • Showing SEO variables related to Social Media Sites
  • SEO Template ID
  • PHP Variables
  • Cookie Variables
  • Live Editing of Membership Features
  • Live Editing of Widgets
  • Duplicate Widget Detection & Cleaning
  • Detection of Page Variables
  • Admin Only Permission Level
  • User ID Permission Level
  • Membership Type Permission Level
  • Security from 3rd Party Developers
  • Develop Code up to 3x Faster
  • Auto Cache Cleaning Feature
  • Automatic Variable Detection Based on Page Being Viewed
  • Search Feature for Variable Names based on variable or content of variable (Save Development Time & Guessing)
  • All work is done through the Front-End of the Site (No Back-End Access Required)
  • Receive Updated for the following 6 months after Purchase
  • Free Installation, Configuration and Basic Documentation on how to use it on your site
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