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SEO Optimization, Backup & Database Cleaning...

The following is a list of services offered by The Developer Club:SEO OptimizationSEO is an entire world and doing optimizations for specific sites is a difficult task, even more when many agencies offer "SEO Optimizations" that are fake or do not have an actual effect on the site. This is why The Developer Club offers a real world SEO Optimization that can be verified by going to and analyzing your site (A before and after check if you will)Having a score of B or A is amazing. Having a score of C is common for almost all sites that need to be in the first results of Google searches. But it is critical not to have D, E or even F since Google will penalize you for having such a bad grade based on SEO Guidelines.Taking this into consideration and as part of the foundation for the success of your site (And you business as a whole), your site will have the best chance possible for a successful business site.Doing your own tests with gtmetrix you are able to confirm that any SEO work was done correctly and during the first week of the SEO optimization (following SEO guidelines which we update on a weekly basis through the Google Guidelines), you should be able to see improvements and a general speed performance on your site, which along with a great marketing campaign, will get you faster and more secure revenues. If you need to trust someone with real world SEO Optimizations, we have your back. Pricing is as following:

Site Assistance
Site Initial Preparation (Assistance, Recommendations and Setup)
$550 USD
Site assistance for SSL Certificate, Google Services (Analytics, Recaptcha, Javascript, Map Services & Geocoding Services), Initial installation and site preparation, advanced installation and configuration, general settings and tutorial about how to use the site and manage it for the different modules it offers. This also includes consulting about how the site works, what can be done, how to use the platform in a optimal way any other questions regarding the specific business used on the site.
Site Maintenance
All In One (Multiple Services)
$1000 USD / Monthly
Cache Cleaning, File Cleaning (For Space), Image Optimization, 301 Fixes, 404 Fixes, 403 Fixes, URL Redirect Fixes, Database Cleaning, Minor custom work and more...
First Time SEO Optimization
 (Gives you 88+ Pagespeed Ranking)
$1500 USD
3 Days (During this time no widget or membership features should be edited, since this ones will be worked on during the Optimization)
Monthly SEO Optimizations
(Maintains 88+ Pagespeed Ranking)
$1000 USD
2 Days (Users can edit widgets and so on. SEO Optimization is not affected)
Review & Consultation
$550 USD
Review & Consultation - $550 (Up to 2 Hours)

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