Purchasing Widgets

The Developer Club was created with the goal of helping Brilliant Directories owners obtain 3rd party custom widgets in an easy and fast way. We know the time, cost and dedication BD owners have put into their business projects, between planning, marketing, advertising, member imports and categories, site design, costs, time, functionality and more. This is why we try hard to offer you the best widgets that will help you along with your site. All widgets are based on Brilliant Directories owner's feedback, so you will get relevant widgets for your type of industry.

It is important to know what you get when you purchase one of our Widgets:

  • Support for 6 Months of Updates, Fixes, Enhancements and More. This is all included with the cost of the widget.

  • Ability to Request new Features and Enhancements for your Widgets or ask for the creation of new widgets.

  • Free Installation of the Widget on your site, including configuration and basic documentation on how to use it (If it applies to the widget).

  • Installation is exclusively done by Luis Alvarado, a former senior brilliant directories developer who was in charge of helping more than 200+ cases in the Brilliant Directories forum, created the Developer Course, which is a help site for Brilliant Directories developers and owners where they can learn how to use the platform, and added more than 50+ articles in the Brilliant Directories Solution Center. Apart from this, Luis Alvarado also keeps in touch with several 3rd party developers and BD owners that help the community, with their site. Guiding them on how to properly do many of the changes on the site and growing along with the owner of the business. Always thinking as a partner of the Business, instead of just as a developer.

  • Security of the Widget is also verified by Luis Alvarado and you get somebody that knows the platform inside out and can give you the best advice for your type of business and what widgets can be added to your site to complement and enhance your member's experience. So you will not get a security issue or loose time and money by going with an unknown 3rd party developer. You are with the only certified professional that cares for your success.

  • Lastly, you get the best of both worlds: A senior developer that takes care of your site in terms of enhancing it with widgets, and the security and responsibility that comes with a Brilliant Directories developers.

After you have purchased your custom widget, please make sure to send an email to luisalvaradox@gmail.com with the following information:

  • Your Email Address to contact you about your site
  • Your Brilliant Directories URL Site (For installation purposes)
  • Your Brilliant Directories User / Password (For installation purposes)