Finding a Secure Professional Developer

The Developer Club was created with the goal of helping Brilliant Directories owners connect with 3rd party developers in a secure and professional manner. We know the time, cost and dedication Brilliant Directories owners have put into their business projects, between planning, marketing, advertising, member imports and categories, site design, custom widgets, costs, time, functionality and more. Through this approach you save time & possibly higher costs for your business. This is particular useful for Brilliant Directories business owner of Small to Large businesses, since the option of going with a unknown 3rd party developer is not taken lightly.

That is why we offer the following advantages when looking for a 3rd party developer to work on your site and what you get when you go through this exclusive Brilliant Directories developer site:

  • Direct help from Luis Alvarado, a former Senior Developer for Brilliant Directories who was work creating, updating or enhancing various parts of the code base of the Brilliant Directories software for 2+ years. For more information about him, you can go to this link or send an email to

  • Consulting and Questions & Answers are offered for Brilliant Directories owners that wish to know more about this safety process of hiring 3rd party developers.

  • Payments are done exclusively to Luis Alvarado (Via PayPal), who will act as a safeguard, middleman for the owner of the site and the 3rd party developers that the owner does not yet know. This way the payment is secure from the 3rd party developer until the work is done and confirmed by the owner of the site.

  • If the work on the site is not finished before a deadline or there is any problem during the development which causes the project to end from the developers side, the Brilliant Directories owner can request a full refund which will only take a day to process. This is entirely up to the Brilliant Directories owner if it's not possible to continue in another way.

  • All work is verified by the Brilliant Directories owner and ONLY after confirmation from the Brilliant Directories owner has been sent, will the 3rd party developer receive the payment. This is done to grant the Brilliant Directories owner complete freedom and security over the cost of the project and give them the possibility to have a saying when hiring a developer.

  • This offers the unique advantage of safeguarding the owner of the site from potential malicious developers that could affect your site.

  • Owners can contact Luis Alvarado via Phone, Email, Google Hangouts, Teamviewer or Skype meetings, to go over any details pertaining to the development of the site

  • Signed & Verified Developers are developers that have finished ALL Brilliant Directories Challenge Levels, have done them in a timely manner, have passed additional tests created by Luis Alvarado on the platform, have worked with at least 10 Brilliant Directories owners under the supervision of Luis Alvarado and have correctly answered 40+ of 50 questions based on the Developer Corner, the Solution Center or case studies conducted on Brilliant Directories Sites. This is done to prove the knowledge that the developer or team of developers have over the platform.

  • Lastly, you get the best of both worlds: A senior developer that takes care of you and your site in terms making sure no 3rd party does any wrong, and providing information about what is possible to do in the platform through 3rd party developers. You else get the advantage of having a real Brilliant Developer with you at your side to help along with your business during and possibly after the development project has been done.

  • You also save time & possibly higher costs for your business. There are numerous cases where, going for a cheaper or faster alternative ended up costing more time and money for the owner of the site, which is the main reason to promote high quality developers and make sure that they complete the tasks on time.

The Current Signed & Verified Developers are: