Purchasing Widgets

The Developer Club was created with the goal of helping Brilliant Directories owners obtain 3rd party custom widgets in an easy and fast way. We know the time, cost and dedication BD owners have put into their business projects, between planning, marketing, advertising, member imports and categories, site design, costs, functionality and more. Which is why we try hard to offer you the best widgets that will help you along with your site.

This is primarily focused on Brilliant Directories owners, since they have to work with a CMS (Content Management System), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) infrastructure, like the Brilliant Directories platform uniquely offers which also integrates with other 3rd party platforms, Cloud SaaS, PaaS, e-commerce systems and more. A full blown Business site with very unique and robust features.

With this in mind, The Developer Club is a Brilliant Directories based site that lends a hand to BD Owners in terms of searching for 3rd party custom widgets, offering monthly services and opening the door with experts that understand the BD Platform.

What you get when you purchase one of our Widgets:

  • Support for 6 Months of Updates, Fixes, Enhancements and More. This is all included with the costs of the widget.
  • Ability to Request new Features and Enhancements for the Widget.
  • Free Installation of the Widget on your site, including configuration and basic documentation on how to use it (If it applies to the widget)

After you have purchased your custom widget, please send an email to luisalvaradox@gmail.com with the following information:

  • Your Email Address to contact you about your site
  • Your Brilliant Directories URL Site (For installation purposes)
  • Your Brilliant Directories User / Password (For installation purposes)
This will help in the installation process and you can count on having a Real Brilliant Directories Senior Developer on your side for this widget and any additional customization. For more information about me please visit This Link

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